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BPO is nothing but Business Process Outsourcing. It is a subset of the Outsourcing which involves Operations contraction. Here, the third party service providers can take up the specific business process responsibilities. Click here for BPO Jobs.

Actually, BPO is classified into Two Types.

  • Back Office Outsourcing.
  • Offshore Outsourcing.

Back Office Outsourcing includes the human resources/ finance & accounting/ and front office outsourcing which is nothing but internal business functions.

Offshore/ Nearshore Outsourcing – In this process, BPO is contracted to the neighboring or nearby country of the company. This is also called as Nearshore Outsourcing.

This BPO is a correct platform for the fresh graduates to improve their communication skills. Nowadays, communication is an important role for the job seekers to place their career in top companies. We can achieve by the industry that has a tremendous career option for a fresher in salary and also the knowledge gained. 

Top Questions asked in BPO Interviews – BPO FAQ’s

Therefore, to help out the fresh graduates and make them qualify for the BPO Interview here we are providing Top 120 BPO Interview Questions along with the Answers. So, refer Frequently Asked questions in Business Process Outsourcing Interviews.

BPO is always a Good career choice for the graduates. As they are exposing to the brand new field, it benefits an opportunity for growing and developing a personality as well as communication skills. Many recent Surveys describes there is a rapid growth of BPO in Information Technology Field.

In most of the BPO Interviews, questions will be repeated. So, refer the Most Frequently BPO Interview Questions from below sections. To get placed as BPO, you should prepare well. We are placing Answers to BPO Interview Question are frequently asked. Scroll down to get simple answers to the Top 120 BPO Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions in BPO Interview

1) Tell us something about BPO and how it works?

  1. BPO – Business Process Outsource, It is Specialist technology process which provides and manages an organization’s business process.

2) Major sectors for outsourcing?

  1. Call Center Outsourcing, KPO, BPO, IT Services Outsourcing, Healthcare BPO Outsourcing, Data Entry Outsourcing.

3) Are you comfortable working night shifts?

  1. Don’t worry about to work night shifts because MNC’s will provide you full of security and other.

4) Difference between the shore and off-shore outsourcing?

  1. Onshore outsourcing is nothing but Domestic Outsourcing which is nothing but someone out of the company will provide services but within the same country. And off-shore outsourcing means obtaining services from outside the country.

5) Inbound & outbound call centers?

  1. Inbound calls mean if a customer tends to contact call center then help desk will handle that calls. Outbound calls mean agents make outbound calls to the customer on behalf of a client.

6) Which one do you think –web or voice- suits your qualifications better?

  1. It depends on your communication skills.

7) How can you relate call centers to BPO?

  1. Call centers and BPO have some things in common.

8) What is the difference between KPO and BPO?

  1. KPO is a subset of BPO. KPO is to help as Value addition to the organization. Both BPO and KPO are related to the business activities of an organization.

9) Different types of BPO’s?

  1. Horizontal BPO, Vertical BPO.

10) Different Types of BPO Services?

  1. Voice processing services, Image Edition Services, 3d visualization services, Virtual staffing services, Telemarketing services.

11) Which services comes with Inbound services?

  1. Technical support, billing queries, refund requests, sales support, customer retention and product information requests etc.

12) Which services comes under Outbound services?

  1. Prospective services and new service promotion, Surveys and market research, data capturing and analysis services.

13) Difference between BPO and Call center?

  1. BPO is a part of processing another business organization means providing an outsource to another enterprise. And Call center is nothing but performs client’s business via handling telephone calls best example is customer care.

14) What is KPO?

  1. KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

15) Why companies Outsource?

  1. Some companies want to provide their services 24/7. So, they will outsource other the companies.

16) Why do you think BPO is the right career choice for you?

  1. It is the right path to enhance my personality and increase my communication skills.

17) Will you be comfortable handling customers on the phone?

  1. It’s a bit tricky think correctly while you answer. Try to perform mock call well.

18) Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

  1. The recruiter will ask this to grab your intention so, answer clearly that I’ll see myself growing with the position of the company.

19) What are voice-based BPO?


Voice-based BPO is the type BPOs which requires talking to the customers. Nothing but sales, services etc.

20) What attracts your eye towards a BPO?

  1. Just say learn something thing new and challenging aspects and the growth of the industry.

21) What are your strengths? 

  1. It means recruiter wants to know about your personality, behavior, and attitude.

22) Why should we hire you?

  1. This is the pickiest question. So, think while you answer.
  2. Follow are the few other general questions :

23) Why do you think you will do well in this job?

24) What is a call center?

25) Where do you see BPO in the current market?

26) Can you use the different software easily?

27) Why do you want to work for our company?

28) Determine the type of BPO you wish to work?

29) How good are you with computer skills?

30) Do you think that the career opportunity for non-voice BPO is better than voice BPO?

31) Will you be comfortable handling customers on the phone?

32) Do you know the common risk associated with BPO’s and how will you cope with them?

33) Did you learn anything new recently which can be helpful to BPO’s?

34) What is ISO:9000 in outsourcing?

35) What are the job activities you have to maintain in BPO?

36) Where do you see yourself after five years?

37) Why do you think BPO is the right career choice for you?

38) Why should we hire you?

39) What are your strengths?

40) What is off-shore outsourcing?

41) Are you comfortable handling customers on the phone?

42) What are your salary expectations?

43) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

44) Tell me something about Yourself?

45) What attracts you towards a BPO?

46) What are your Weaknesses?

47) How do you rate your Communication Skills?

48) Do you know anything about Our Company?

49) What is Expected Salary?

50) What is your greatest strength?

51) What is your greatest weakness?

52) Tell me about yourself.

53) Why should we hire you?

54) What are your salary expectations?

55) Why are you leaving or have left your job?

56) Why do you want this job?

57) How do you handle stress and pressure?

58) How would you manage your accommodation?

59) What are voice-based BPO’s?

60) Why do companies outsource their work?

61) Why do you want to quit your present job?

62) Why do companies need to outsource?

63) Describe a difficult work situation/project and how you overcame it?

64) What is voice process?

65) What is the non-voice process?

66) Education qualification for BPO job?

67) Companies providing BPO services.

68) How BPO jobs in MNCs

69) How to face BPO interview

70) How to increase typing skill.

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