Resume Tips

Most Important Resume Tips

Resume: Is a Complete Education Details of a Particular Person. Resume also referred as CV( Curriculam -Vita). There are many types of resume writing. Resumes for IT/Software employees, Freshers, Experienced Candiates, Hardware Jobs , Resume for Civil, Mechanical, IT/CSC students.

Resume is most important step in Getting a job in Top Mncs, becouse lot of members apply for a single job also. In this situation recruiters can filter the candiates based on their qualifiaction, Percentage, achievments,and exp & interest of a person in a particular field.

How To write your Fist Resume: 

Font Size should be in between 12 – 14 only.

Before writing your first resume go through a no of resumes related to your field for an instance. Select the interested points which is exactly related to your qualification, Recquiremnets.

Imp Notice: Should Not Copy the Resume from other. It should be your own.

 Different Between Freshers VS Experience Resume

Fresher Resume: Freshers Candiates who have not work experience or recently passouts.


  • B.Tech 2015 passouts
  • B.Tech 2016 passouts

Note: For freshers

  • Donot mention experience
  • Attach your Achievments -Certifcates – Score (AM Cat, eLitmus …etc)
  • Certificates if any Like: MTA, Cisco, Google SEO

Experienced Resume: One who have the work exp in any Particular field atleast or Morethan 6 Months are referred as experienced candiates.

Note: For Exp – Do not mention Habbies.

Contents Of Resuem:

There are 6 Steps in building resume

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 1:  Header Part: Here Mention your Name, Contact Details:

Name: **************(Your name)

Adress: ************(H.No, stree, Vil, City details)

Phone: +91 – 900000000

E-Mail:     (Profession Email Prefferd)

Part 2: Decribe in a very short about your interest in a Particular job/work.

exp:  Objective: To work in a Professional IT Industry where can i improve my Knowledge.

The above line is only for instance do not copy the same.

Part 3: At this mention your Educational Qualification Details from Higher to lower with following date

  1. Qualification.
  2. Name of Institute( College/school)
  3. Year of Pass
  4. Time Period
  5. Percentage


Qualification Name Of Institute Academic year Time period Percentage
M.Tech – CS XXXXXX 2015 2013-15 82.5
B.Tech -IT XXXXXXX 2013 2009-13 79
Ineter Mediate



XX XXXXX 2009 2007-09 80

Work Experience:

  • Mention your work experience if you have
  • Project Details

Part 4:  Mention the Achievments, Hobbies, etc

Part 5:

Conatct Details, Reference


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